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Create Your own Program for the Schools

9 week Bootcamp

Helps you create your school program from start to finish.

Founder and small business coach Marline Paul smiling with arms crossed

Presented by
Coach Marline Paul

I am so excited to take this journey with you. Get ready to create a program

Zarinda Williams

Coach Marline was a presenter on a challenge called Create and Pitch to a School. She provided so many insights on the needs of students and teachers at schools. She was nothing short of Phenomenal!! I never realize how many products such as books, puzzles, worksheets, programs etc... that would help teachers and students expand growth in the educational system. She gave her perspective from a teacher of 16+ years. I will gladly take another challenge or course that she offers. Thank you Coach Marline!!

Program Goal

The goal of this Bootcamp is to give birth to your program and create a program that you can sell to schools and educational institutions. By the end of the program, learners should have the skills and knowledge needed to successfully launch and grow their own education programs and make a positive impact in the education sector.

Program Overview

Welcome & Onboarding  Jan. 30th @ 7PM

Weekly Live Zoom.              Monday's @ 7 PM

Bootcamp Scheduled

Week 1: Introductions, Entrepreneurship, and the education system

Week 2: Research, Planning & Resources 

Week 3: Marketing and outreach

Week 4: Program design

Week 5: Program development 

Week 6: Program implementation and evaluation

Week 7: Presentation Design

Week 8: Growing and scaling your program

             Legal considerations and compliance

Week 9: Graduation, Reflections, and next steps


  • Access to a private online community

  • Bonus Technology Integration Training

  • Educational Resources shared at each session

  • Replay of sessions

  • Opportunities to practice  pitching your program ideas

Small business coach Marline Paul speaking on the phone while typing on a laptop


VIP will also receive...

  • A private 1-hour One-on-one coaching session that will provide program review &  evaluation.

  • 3 additional Zoom sessions of additional support and Q&A

  • Social Media & Website Written Review of your program

  • Personalized feedback and support on your program development and implementation process.

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