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Brand Clarity Power Hour: Brand Identity Triangle


The Brand Clarity Power Hour, led by Marline Paul of Enilram Creative, is an engaging and interactive session designed to empower entrepreneurs and business professionals with essential branding strategies. This course delves deep into the concept of the brand identity triangle, focusing on the critical aspects of brand identity style, brand communication, and brand engagement. Participants gain practical insights into articulating their business offerings, leveraging digital tools effectively, and identifying customer pain points to align their services accordingly. Through a combination of expert guidance, hands-on exercises, and collaborative discussions, attendees leave with a clearer understanding of how to refine their brand identity and communicate their unique value proposition, setting the stage for increased business success and customer resonance Understanding Brand Identity Introduction to the brand identity triangle. Discussion of its components: brand identity style, brand communication, brand engagement. Interactive Participant Discussions Sharing of individual progress and experiences in branding. Marline Paul's feedback and tailored advice on brand strategies. Focusing on Brand Identity In-depth exploration of brand identity. Importance of logos, messaging, and positioning in branding. Practical Application Live demonstration of applying the brand identity triangle. Participants' engagement in exercises. Strategies for Business Growth Clarifying and articulating business offerings. Utilization of digital platforms like Wix and HoneyBook. Collaborative Learning Group brainstorming sessions. Peer-to-peer advice and support. Addressing Customer Pain Points Identifying and solving customer problems. Strategies for creating engaging, targeted content. Streamlining Business Processes Effective management of proposals and invoices. Integration of feedback for business improvement. Conclusion and Action Steps

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