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LIKE A BOSS 10 day eNewsletter series

Develop the Mindset And Skills You Need to Succeed In Your Business

The 10-Day LIKE A BOSS eNewsletter series is the ultimate confidence boost that teaches you how to thrive as an entrepreneur.

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The LIKE A BOSS eNewsletter Series Started August 1st and is no longer available for registration. Please join the ECS eNewsletter below to be notified of all future opportunities from Enilram Creative. You got this!

Welcome to the ECS Family!

What You Can Expect:

Day 1: Mindset Shift

Day 2: Goal Getter

Day 3: Productivity Hacks

Day 4: Leadership Development

Day 5: Personal Brand Power

Day 6: Networking Startegies

Day 7: Elevator Pitch Perfection

Day 8: Client Engagement

Day 9: Sales Success Secrets

Day 10: Digital Influence


You'll have instant access to our LIKE A BOSS community where you can ask questions, post your thoughts about the day's lesson, and parlay with Coach Marline and a group of like-minded ladies who are taking the same journey right along beside you. There's no obligation to participate, but we'll be there if you need us!

What are you waiting for? Get on the List

The free LIKE A BOSS eNewsletter Series was inspired by our goal to empower and inspire you to feel like a true boss in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Join today and receive a collection of emails designed exclusively to help you unlock your full potential and conquer your business goals.

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