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brand clarity call

Are you ready for the look and feel of your business to match your passion and expertise?

The Brand Clarity Call series is tailor-made for established entrepreneurs and advanced business owners who are committed to taking their brand to the next level. If you've already defined the direction of your brand are are eager to make immediate changes to drive growth and maximize impact, this program is designed specifically for you.

If you aren't sure how to create the perfect branding message, but you are open-minded, flexible, and dedicated to perfecting your craft and speaking the language of your target audience, this program is for you.

It's Time To Remove All Confusion So Your Brand Can Speak For Itself.

Founder and small business coach Marline Paul smiling with arms crossed

Hey Business Besties! I can help you bring clarity to your brand.

I've been in your shoes...

Two years ago, I wouldn't have been able to offer you this service. That's because two years ago, when I first started Enilram Creative, I didn't have a firm grip on my branding. Around the end of my 1st year, I went through an entire rebrand. If you've been following my journey since the beginning, then you know that I was all over the place. My logo, my messaging, my website, my social media posts...they had no rhyme or reason. However, after I sought the assistance of branding consultant, my methods changed. Now, I want to share this transformation with you.

In this branding program, you'll learn:

Everything Included In the Brand Clarity Call

Founder and small business coach Marline Paul smiling while typing on a laptop

Three 1-Hour
Branding Calls

Notes for branding, a coffee cup, and glasses on a table

Session Recordings
& Notes

Woman drawing branding strategy on board

Branding Strategy

Plus, these bonuses!

Two professional business women in the office

But what if you need...more?

Sometimes you're just too busy to do it all on your own. Even after your brand clarity, perhaps it will still be more beneficial is someone else did it for you. That's why we created the Brand Clarity Call PLUS. We've included everything from the initial Brand Clarity Call, plus we're adding a full month of hands-on branding design for your social media platforms. Here's your chance to get a firsthand view of what your branding will look like LIVE and in full color, before you take the wheel.

Everything Included In the Brand Clarity Call PLUS

Excited News

All of the benefits of the original Brand Clarity Calls

Beauty Vlogger

Month-Long Brand Cohesion Assistance For Social Media

Businesswoman in Office

Personalized Branding Consultation For Your Website

Plus, these bonuses!

Alexa Young, CA

“Coach Marline helped me pinpoint my message - what I really wanted my customers to know and feel when they thought of my company."

Not sure yet?
Here's my guarantee.

We're confident that you'll find immense value in our Brand Clarity Call. If, after completing all three sessions, you don't feel that you've gained a clearer understanding of your brand's direction and actionable strategies for growth, we'll provide you with a full refund. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Become empowered and more focused in your marketing

Smiling woman standing in library

Ready to get started?

The difference between where you are and where you want to be is as simple as brand clarity. Over the next few months we will give your customers everything they need to trust you, fall in love with your brand, and purchase the products or services you offer.

You got this!

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