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Discover the Secrets to Unleashing the Power of AI in Your Small Business and Government Contracting

Are you a small business owner or government contractor struggling to make the most of artificial intelligence (AI)? 

Marline Paul CEO of Enilram Creative Solutions  Business Startup Consultant _edited_edited

Presented by Marline Paul,
Founder & CEO at Enilram Creative Solutions.

A passionate advocate for women entrepreneurs, leveraging her 17+ years of experience as an educator to provide strategic business coaching tailored to the unique goals and challenges of female founders. Through her signature coaching methodology and real-world experience navigating entrepreneurship as a military spouse, Marline empowers underserved groups like minority, veteran, and women business owners, helping them gain clarity, build confidence, and implement growth strategies to turn their dreams into reality


Presented by Abby Souffrant,
Founder & CEO at A & L Solutions.

A passionate B2G Strategist who specializes in empowering small and minority-owned businesses to succeed in the complex world of government contracting. With a hands-on approach and a commitment to collaboration, Abby guides her clients through every step of the process, from sourcing opportunities to writing proposals and managing contracts, ensuring real-time results and fostering a supportive network for aspiring entrepreneurs

In this webinar we will cover

Mar 20, 2024, 7:00 PM EDT
Online Event
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