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You're Using AI Wrong ...


Are you a small business owner or government contractor struggling to make the most of artificial intelligence (AI)? Join Coach Marline Paul and Abby Souffrant for a game-changing webinar revealing the common pitfalls and misconceptions surrounding AI implementation. In this eye-opening workshop replay, you'll discover: 📌 The most prevalent mistakes small businesses and government contractors make when using AI 📌 Why these mistakes can lead to ineffective AI implementation and hinder your business growth 📌 Real-world examples of how Coach Marline has successfully leveraged AI in her own small business 📌 Best practices and tools for effective AI implementation in content development, workshop creation, grants, and government contracting 📌 Proven strategies for overcoming common challenges and obstacles when integrating AI into your workflow Throughout the webinar, we will share firsthand experiences, lessons learned, and success stories of using AI in small business and government contracting. You'll walk away with practical tips, actionable insights, and a clear understanding of how to avoid the pitfalls and maximize the potential of AI in your business. This course includes: ✅ 3 hours of our signature workshop ✅ Our AI Resource Bundle for Small business Branding and Government Contracting ✅ Ebooks ✅ and more

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