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Enilram Creative Solutions Celebrates National Mentoring Month with Transformative Business Group


Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA,

January 1, 2024

As the calendar turns to National Mentoring Month, Enilram Creative Solutions launches a groundbreaking initiative aimed at turbocharging business success. Embracing mentorship as the rocket fuel for growth, the Business Mentoring Group emerges as a beacon of community, collaboration, and hands-on support for entrepreneurs.

Marline Paul, a seasoned educator turned entrepreneurial guru, is at the helm of this game-changing endeavor. Harnessing over 16 years of educational prowess, Marline's transition from classroom mentor to business guru echoes the transformative power of practical guidance.

"In my journey as an entrepreneur, mentorship has been nothing short of transformative. It's not just about receiving advice; it's about finding mentors who are willing to be transparent, truthful, and inspiring." - Marline Paul, Founder, Enilram Creative Solutions

.The Business Mentoring Group isn't your run-of-the-mill coaching endeavor; it's a lifeline for entrepreneurs navigating the often turbulent waters of branding and business development. Designed as a collaborative space, this initiative offers a weekly sanctuary for those yearning for:

Community and Support: Entrepreneurs join forces to provide consistent support and guidance, eradicating the isolation often felt in business endeavors.

Clarity and Direction: Strategic business sessions provide the mental compass needed to navigate the convoluted paths of entrepreneurship.

Simplified Growth: With insights from Marline Paul, a military spouse who knows the balancing act firsthand, entrepreneurs can focus on business growth without feeling overwhelmed.

"If I can do it, so can you. I will teach you how." - Coach Marline Paul,

Enilram Creative Solutions

Weekly Group Coaching sessions led by Coach Marline promise an immersive experience in brand development, technological savvy, or boss-level business strategies.

About Marline Paul: A former educator passionate about empowering entrepreneurs, Marline Paul's journey from the classroom to the forefront of business coaching embodies the transformative power of mentorship.

About Enilram Creative Solutions: Enilram Creative Solutions catalyzes entrepreneurial success, providing hands-on guidance and support for businesses aiming to amplify their brand presence and accelerate growth.

For more information on the Business Mentoring Group and to join this transformative journey, visit here.

Contact: Marline PaulEnilram Creative Solutions

Phone: (561) 234-5670


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