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Meet the CEO

Marline started Enilram Creative Solutions in 2021 while still working as a full-time teacher. She knew she wanted the flexibility of running her own business, especially as a military spouse who frequently relocated due to orders. Marline was passionate about using technology in the classroom, always volunteering to test out new software and teach coding to her students. Her love of learning and trying new things is a core part of who she is - as Marline puts it, she's a "tech junkie"!

The early days of business were messy as Marline tried to pinpoint and refine her specialty. She wanted to empower military spouses but found many other entrepreneurs were coming to her for help. Over time, she refined her focus to business development, using tools and technology to help entrepreneurs work smarter. 

Marline is open about the challenges she faced, like imposter syndrome and doubts about supporting her family through her business. But she's persevered, surrounding herself with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who cheer her on. Celebrating small wins along the way has kept her motivated to reach for her biggest dreams. 

When asked about her vision for the future, Marline lit up describing plans for a co-working space and community hub. She aims to reach 100,000 women entrepreneurs in the next 5 years, offering scholarships and giving back to the military spouse community. Marline knows firsthand how difficult military life can be for spouses who struggle with under-employment. Her goal is to replicate her business model, training more people to empower entrepreneurs in their areas.  

Marline stresses the value of finding a mentor or coach, especially when starting. She invested in a branding coach early on which helped her structure her business correctly from the beginning—having a guide who's been down the entrepreneurial path before helps you avoid common pitfalls. Entrepreneurship can be an isolating journey, so it's crucial to have that support network. Marline herself now serves as a mentor, paying forward what was so generously given to her.

Marline credits her faith, family, mentors, coaches, and continual learning for getting her to where she is today. She's an open book, willing to share her imperfect entrepreneurial journey to inspire possibility in others. After listening to Marline's story, it's clear her wisdom and encouragement have only grown stronger over the years. She meets entrepreneurs where they are, affirming the potential within each person.

If you are looking for an inclusive community and accessible business insight, be sure to check out Marline’s resources and mentoring group on the Enilram Creative Solutions website. There you can continue the conversation and get empowered to take your business to the next level! Marline is also now accepting speaking engagement books - you can email for booking inquiries.


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