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Get Ready for Love Your Business Month: Join Our Show Your Business Some Love Bingo Challenge!

Hey there! This month at Enilram Creative, we're all about spreading love and building connections. That's why we've got something super fun for you: the 'Show Your Business Some Love Bingo' challenge! It's a cool way to make your business shine, connect with others, and share your story.

Here's the deal:

We've made a special bingo card just for you. It's got nine tasks that are all about making your business awesome and showing appreciation to other entrepreneurs. Each task is like a mini adventure, from thanking a customer to giving a sneak peek into your daily work.

To join in:

1. Grab your bingo card - you can print it out or keep it on your phone.

2. During February, do the tasks and post about them on social media.

3. Don't forget to tag us in every post! You can find us @EnilramCreative and use #ECSBizLove.

4. When you finish all nine tasks, share your completed card on social media and tag us @EnilramCreative with #ECSBizLove

You could win our awesome grand prize bundle!

Now, let's dive into the fun challenges:

1. Re-Share a Resource: Share a cool business tip or article you like, and say where it's from.

2. Customer Shoutout: Give a big thanks to a customer who supports your business.

3. Highlight a Team Member: Show some love to someone on your team by posting about them.

4. Engage with Community Posts: Like and comment on posts from other small businesses.

5. Share Your Business Story: Tell a quick story about why you started your business or something cool that happened.

6. Promote a Fellow Business: Give a shoutout to another small business you like.

7. Post a Behind-the-Scenes Look: Share a pic or video showing what goes on behind the scenes at your business.

8. Customer Feedback: Ask your customers what they think about a new idea you have or an experience they had with your company.

9. Business Milestone: Celebrate something awesome your business has achieved.

Let's make this month about more than just completing tasks. It's about celebrating your business, connecting with others, and helping each other grow.

Finish your card by February 28 for a chance to win our cool ebook bundle (worth $240) and a Mentor Moment with Coach Marline Paul which offers a free consulting session. The winner will be chosen on February 29, but the real prize is building relationships and supporting each other.

So, are you ready to join us on this adventure? Let's spread some business love this February using #ECSBizLove. Let's make this month amazing together!

You Got This!


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